The Pinewood Table is an on-going critique group,  with a few Tuesdays missing here and there.  There is an actual table, where writers sit with their pages, and Stevan Allred and Joanna Rose lead a conversation, as they have done together for twenty years now.  

Classes, limited to 8 participants,  are $40 per class,  and we ask people to sign up/pay for for a month at a time (We'd rather be writers than bookkeepers)

New folks are encouraged to visit us for an evening or afternoon (free!) to get an idea of how we work.

Write us for more details.

Stevan Allred

STEVAN ALLRED has survived circumcision, a tonsillectomy, a religious upbringing, the ’60s, the War on Poverty, the break-up of The Beatles, pneumonia (twice), any number of bad haircuts, years of psychotherapy, the Reagan Revolution, the War on Drugs, the Roaring ’90s, plantar fasciitis, an embarrassingly bad goatee, the Lewinsky Affair, the Internet bubble, the Florida recount of 2000, the Bush Oughts, the War on Terror, teenage children, a divorce, hay fever, the real estate bubble, male pattern baldness, the great ebola scare of 2014, and heartburn. His collection of linked short stories, A Simplified Map of the Real World, was published in 2013 by Forest Avenue Press. His work has appeared in numerous literary journals, and he teaches creative writing with Joanna Rose at The Pinewood Table

Joanna Rose

JOANNA ROSE is the author of the award-winning novel Little Miss Strange (Pacific Northwest Booksellers Assn Fiction Prize). Other work has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Story Magazine, Artisan Journal, High Desert Journal, Oregon Humanities, Cream City Review, and Northern Lights. Her poetry has appeared in Windfall,  Cloudbank, Bellingham Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Portland Review, and the on-line journals 2Grlz Review, Marco Polo Arts, and  Four and Twenty. Her story A Good Crack and Break is in the new Forest Avenue Press anthology, The Rain, and the Night, and the River

She's listing all this because she's weird when it comes to writing about herself,  even when it's in third person. For more of that kind of stuff,  go to Writing & Writings. Rose City Stories maybe too.

She is known to readers of the Oregonian as a regular reviewer on the books page and contributor to Poet's Corner. She  started out with the Dangerous Writers oh so many years ago. She teaches youth and adults around Portland for Writers in the Schools, Wordstock, and Young Musicians and Artists. She also teaches at the beach.  Any time she can, at the beach. Her goals in life are to get her new novel (Everybody's Rules for Scrabble) published (soon) and live at the beach (someday).